With the concerns about the Coronavirus and the safety of the public our biggest concern, we are putting this special homepage up to make it easy as ever to get the service you need, including some available online.

Click Here to Visit Macoupin County COVID Resources and Documents Hub

Public Health:  For your convenience, the Macoupin County Public Health Department has established a hotline. If you have questions regarding COVID-19, call the hotline at 217-313-5078 or you can email your questions to mcphd@mcphd.net. If you are experiencing symptoms, contact your primary physician. If you do not have a primary physician, call 217-854-3692 and ask for the Public Health Nurse.

Masks: Per administrative order, the following rules on masks are effective as of May 1, 2020.

Courthouse Departments that are operating as normal:

Appointments may be required. The public is encouraged to call an office with any questions before arriving at the Courthouse.

Traffic & Criminal Division—Ext. 711, for traffic and DUIs, ordinance & conservation tickets, misdemeanors and criminal cases. 

Probate Division: Ext. 712, for child support payments, small claim, probate, juvenile, adoption, and family cases. 

General Division: Ext. 713, for divorce, lawsuit, chancery (Including foreclosures), Miscellaneous Remedies (including evictions), and tax.

Departments that are operating with some restrictions:

Per the Court’s administrative order, some court cases have been postponed while some continue as scheduled. Please review the list below for a summary of cases postponed and those continuing as scheduled. Also, please read the administrative order for more information on procedures for the Courthouse during the Coronavirus concern.

Cases That Are Postponed: The administrative order continues/postpones all hearings scheduled through May 31st in the following categories of cases and the parties are directed NOT to appear:

Cases To Be Heard As Scheduled: The following court proceedings/hearings will be held as scheduled, with appearances expected for all litigants, unless the travel or health appearance restrictions apply, all of which are deemed “essential matters”:

If you are a party to a case, witness, attorney, county staff, and the press, you may be present in Court.

However, visitors to the Courthouse who are solely present to observe Court proceedings will be denied entry by Court Security during the pendency of the COVID-19 pandemic.



To pay a fine or court fee, please click here

To check on the status of a court case, please click here

To get a certified copy of your birth, marriage or death certificate, please click here.

For information on applying for a marriage license, please click here. To apply, please use this online application to fill in all information. It will still require you coming to the Courthouse to sign the application and show id, but this will cut time in the building considerably.

For e-recording options of all document types except deeds requiring real estate tax stamps, please click here.

For online access to all documents recorded from 1829 to the present, please click here.

For an estimate of back property taxes, please click here.

For information about getting your notary commission, please click here.

For information about getting your assumed name business application, please click here.

For a copy of your property taxes paid in 2019, please click here.

For property ownership and assessment information, please click here.

For parcel mapping and information, please click here.

Macoupin County exemption renewals for seniors, disabled veterans, and disabled persons will be delayed.  If the delay is for more than a few weeks, exemption renewals will still be accepted after the filing deadline.  Please call the Supervisor of Assessments office at 217-854-8281 ext 710 if you have questions.